MOMELLA Foundation:

Momella Foundation was founded by its coordinators, Marlies & Jörg Gabriel, the owners of Hatari Lodge in Momella. Under its umbrella 8 individual projects are currently set up with the aim of developing the region and uplifting the living conditions for the local population in addition to protecting the natural resources.images-stories-diverses-momella-200x184
Two of the projects should be financed to a large extent through their own achieved revenue. The other projects rely on donations generated through the foundation.

The local women get a chance to generate their own income. Besides assisting with the financial needs of the families, this will strengthen self-confidence and represent a major step towards equal rights for women. By utilizing the women’s sewing and stitching skills and creativity, valuable textiles combining tradition and modernity are created. The range of products will be constantly expanded alongside the marketing and distribution function.


African Kiwanda is the exclusive distributor of the MamaMomella products in Switzerland.


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